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Custom Engineered Strainers
Sanitary Try Clamp Strainers

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Sure Flow Equipment Inc. -- We take Custom Engineered Design seriously
Known industry-wide for industrial filters, strainers and check valves, Sure Flow Equipment Inc. features complete custom design and fabrication capabilities in our quality focused manufacturing environment.  We are IS0 9001:2008 Registered and our custom engineered strainers are designed and fabricated to ASME Section VIII, Div 1, Current Edition.   ASME "U" Code Stamp and ASME "UM" Code Stamp and National Board "NB" Mark are available.
View our Product Videos today for a first-hand look at our innovative, high quality industrial valves and strainers.

Check out the full overview of our industrial filters, valves and pipeline strainers, technical scope and quality certifications at: and contact us for all your Custom Engineered Strainers.

Three-way Automated Butterfly Valve Diverter Assembly

Three-way Automated Butterfly Valve Diverter Assembly


Three-way Automated Butterfly Valve Diverter Assembly for typical temperature control on HVAC applications – can be manual, electric or pneumatic for mixing or diverting applications.  

Provides almost 100% full flow with precise valve positioning.

Shown here is a 4-inch Three-Way Automated Butterfly Valve Diverter Assembly, complete with limit switch and solenoid recently supplied by Sure Flow Equipment Inc.

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Fabricated Basket Strainer

Fabricated Basket Strainer

Custom designed and manufactured by Sure Flow Equipment Inc. for utilization on the Steam Assist Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Heavy Oil Recovery System in northern Alberta, Canada.

Model BWH1500 Fabricated Basket Strainer complete with Quick Opening Cover and Davit: 

    Size:             12-inch x 18-inch
    Class:             1500 lb ANSI flanges
    Design Pressure:       20,650 kPa           (2995 psi)
    Design Temperature:   -29°C to 175°C       (-20°F to 347°F)
    Design Certification:    ASME CODE “U” STAMP

This custom engineered strainer is used on the High Pressure Boiler Feed Water System for removing impurities in the water to protect the boiler Feed Water Pump.

High Capacity Tee Strainers

Sure Flow designed and fabricated four 14-inch 600 lb. Carbon Steel custom engineered Special High Capacity Tee Strainers; each complete with both a Start-up Basket and a Permanent Basket of 80 Mesh Stainless Steel.  Designed for a high flow application, they will be used on the suction return line in a feedwater pump system to maintain the boiler system cooling water level.  Installation will be at the Unit 5 Power Plant, Sandow 600 MW coal fired unit in Milam County, Texas.  
Custom engineered and fabricated by Sure Flow Equipment Inc.


DBH-SS with ball valve

Custom engineered and fabricated by Sure Flow for a high capacity application:  Two Model DBH 3-inch x 8-inch 316 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Strainers complete with Hinged Covers, Isolating Stainless Steel Ball Valves and Stainless Steel 5/32” Perf Baskets with 120 SS Mesh Lining.

These specialty Duplex Strainers are destined for usage on the Glycol return system at a major chemical company complex in Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S.A.

High Pressure Fabricated Y-Strainers

FWT Y Strainers

We are displaying our 2-inch and 4-inch, Model FWT, Custom Engineered Butt Weld Strainers constructed of all 316 Stainless Steel. They will be installed in a high pressure steam cogeneration facility at the Ford Motor Corporation power house in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

2" Class 600 -- rated for 700 psi@200°F – hydrostatic tested @925 psi
4" Class 1500 – rated for 1825 psi@200°F – hydrostatic tested @2375 psi

Another successful, custom designed and custom fabricated product by Sure Flow Equipment Inc.!

Duplex Strainers

Duplex Strainers in-stock at Sure Flow
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Fluid Flow Imagery

In keeping with our corporate mandate and vision of "Change is Good" - we are always looking for a "better mousetrap"! We strive to continually improve within all facets of our business to provide you the ultimate in state-of-the-art products, quality and customer service.

We have recently updated our methodology of determining pressure drop calculations for our custom engineered design projects. It enables us to model flow through strainers and valves to accurately determine the pressure drop for any fluid travelling through stainless perf or mesh, to any design condition.

With this new Computational Fluid Dynamics software we are able to run comprehensive fluid flow and heat transfer simulations through our products, providing us with invaluable data on any number of technical aspects, from pressure drop to velocity magnitude, as is shown below.

Another great program tool we have acquired in the recent past gives us the capability to create "3D" computerized product models. This allows our Sure Flow Engineering Department to provide a better illustration of the installation, flow and positioning of our custom engineered products. Take a look at our new online "3D Corner" accessible at which features a variety of 3D product model videos!

Sure Flow Equipment Inc. is IS0 9001 :2000 Certified and holds an IS0 9001 :2000 Certificate of Registration from the Global Certification Network, and all products are designed and manufactured to ASME Section VIII, Div 1, Current Edition with U and UM Code Stamp available.

To gain a full overview of our product offerings and technical scope, we invite you to visit us at:

Sure Flow Equipment Inc. -- Where we take Custom Engineered Design seriously
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Custom Fabricated Strainers
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High Capacity Simplex Basket Strainer


Continuing to be your only source for Industrial Strainers, Sure Flow is pleased to introduce our High Capacity Simplex Basket Strainer.

            * Quick-Opening Cover                       * Threaded Side Drain

            * Floor Mount                                      * O-Ring Seal

            * Full Pressure Rating of 200 p.s.i. @ 100º F

The large basket capacity provides at least eight times the cross-sectional pipe area.

Please contact our Sales Dept for further options.

Note:  Cast Steel and Stainless Steel now available up to 18 inches.

New Products - Butterfly Valve Seat Designs

VITON® (Fluorocarbon Rubber, abv. EPDM)
Viton® is more expensive than EPDM so is used as an alternate elastomer when required. It has excellent resistance to mineral acids, oils and many aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Viton® is weak on sodium hydroxide.
Useful temperature range: 0°F to 350°F

TEFLON PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
PTFE is almost totally insoluable and chemically inert. It has high temperature resistance. Teflon PTFE ball seats, because of natural lubricity, require no lubrication. Teflon PTFE diaphragms and flange gaskets are used in the most severe chemical resistance applications.
Useful temperature range: 0°F to 250°F

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Rare Earth Magnet Tee Strainer

Rare Earth Magnet Tee Strainer

This is one of 25 specially designed tee strainers for a Shell products facility.

Each contains 6 rare earth magnets to collect any metal particles that could damage other equipment in the pumping systems. The cover is a quick opening type with special wrenchless opening feature.

This allows maintenance personnel to open the strainer and clean the screen without requiring special tools to open the unit.

Fabricated Y Strainers

Fabricated Y Strainers Sure Flow fabricated three "Y" strainers for Shell Eastern Petroleum Singapore Refinery to be used on Benzene service; pump suction. This was an extremely urgent requirement. Sure Flow manufactured these units in only 2 weeks after drawing approval.

Sure Flow PMI Analyzer

Sure Flow PMI Analyzer As part of our continuous quality improvement and to allow us to have complete traceability of all materials, Sure Flow has added the usage of a PMI, or Positive Material Identification (PMI), hand held alloy analyzer to validate raw materials. Our new test equipment allows Sure Flow to perform shop floor tests to ensure materials provided to us for fabrication meet the material specifications and avoids the necessity of additional inspection by our customers. This is just one more example of Sure Flow Equipment’s commitment to providing quality products.

116 Page Industrial Valves and Strainers Catalog

116 Page Industrial Valves and Strainers Catalog Check out our new 116 page complete industrial valves and strainers catalog. Click here to request your copy! PDF download

More Information

20 Inch DB150, Carbon steel Dual Basket assembly

20 Inch DB150, Carbon steel Dual Basket assembly 20 inch DB150, Carbon Steel Dual Basket Assembly, complete with four (4) Sure Flow Ductile Iron Body, Buna Seat, Wafer Style Butterfly Valves, produced for Dayton Power & Light for use on the FGD makeup water system for the new Scrubbers being installed at the J.M. Stuart Station near Aberdeen, Ohio.

900 Pound Basket Strainer,
Offshore Oil Platform in the Gulf of Mexico

900 Pound Basket Strainer, <BR>Offshore Oil Platform in the Gulf of Mexico This is a 900 pound basket strainer, headed for a processing facility on an offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The picture shows the units being hydro statically tested, the discoloration is a result of heat treatment to relieve the stresses caused during the welding of these heavy wall units.

Custom Engineered Bird Ball Strainers

Custom Engineered Bird Ball Strainers Custom Engineered Bird Ball Strainers for the Florida Power and Light, Turkey Point Nuclear Power Station, Florida

Custom Fabrication Duplex Strainer

Custom Fabrication Duplex Strainer Manufactured within four working days to satisfy a rush requirement by an Ivy League university in Northeast U.S.A.

Fabricated Dual Basket Strainer C/W Special ID Coatings

This unit special ID coatings (our 24 inch x 30 inch Dual Basket Strainer, complete with 2 Sure Flow Gear Operated Butterfly Valves) is for the Florida Power and Light Auxiliary Cooling Water system. In addition to this unit, Sure Flow is supplying two of 30 foot x 36 inch single basket strainer units and several 6 inch and 3 inch, 3590 PSI Custom designed Y strainers along with many more custom designed strainers for the various systems in the plant.

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ASME Code "U" 14" Duplex Strainer on Hibernia Oil Platform

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