If you’re one of those people who likes being in a productive, industrial kind of setting, with forklifts whizzing around, sparks flying from grinders and the flashing light from welders, then Sure Flow Equipment is a wonderful, magical kind of place to be.

Things are getting made here. Cool things. Big, strong, quality products that are going to spend their lifetimes helping to make other things, or keep fluid clean in other processes, or filter water in big pipes. There’s steel, and brass and iron and noise and heat, the smell of welding, horns blowing as forklifts with pallets full of finished product round corners … things get made here. Quality products designed to work hard in harsh environments.

Each time we visit the Sure Flow production facility it’s a new, wondrous experience. The variety of products being produced is constantly changing, the stages that each project are at varies constantly, it’s just a moving target that never stops to rest.

With that in mind we decided to publish a little pictorial walk through a typical day in an extremely busy, ISO 9001:2015 certified production facility that sets the standard for the custom fabrication of a huge variety of industrial valves and strainers.

You can tell a successful company, because even with more than 100,000 square feet of space, you still find product temporarily stored in various stages of completion. As the various inputs are finished in other departments and work stations, product moves back into active work mode.

If you believe the old saying “give a busy person a job and you know it’ll get done” then you can be confident that your Sure Flow order will get done well! It’s a busy place!

raw material steel for strainers Sure Flow

Raw material waiting to become product.

work in progress and raw materials Sure Flow Equipment

More raw materials and work in progress.

multiple dual baskets being hydrotested Sure Flow

Multiple dual basket strainers being hydro tested.

multiple dual baskets being hydrotested other angle

Same dual basket strainers being tested from the other angle.

various baskets in progress Sure Flow Equipment

Work in progress.

high pressure cone strainer being fabricated Sure Flow Equipment

High pressure cone strainer being fabricated.

large basket strainer being hydrotested Sure Flow Equipment

Large basket strainer being hydro tested

10 ft basket strainer with davit assembly Sure Flow

Finished dual basket strainers ready to be shipped.

stainless steel strainer basket Sure Flow Equipment

Stainless steel strainer.

baskets strainers ready to ship Sure Flow Equipment

More baskets ready for shipping.

After an hour with all these moving parts doing their thing, it’s exciting to see one of the finished products, the culmination of this heat and noise and sweat and energy.

Some people go to art galleries and admire the work of painters. Some people go to concert halls and listen with awe at the great works created by musicians. Then there are those of us who marvel at the final product that comes from years of experience in fabricating industrial products. Engineers designed this, skilled trades people cut the steel, welded, sanded, tested, painted, tested again, and created this masterful bit of technology, designed to make things. To make products that make all our lives better. I don’t know what a ticket to an art gallery or concert costs these days, but I’ll spend time in the Sure Flow production facility any day!