Fabricated Basket Strainers

The Sure Flow BWEB150 Carbon Steel and BWEB150SS Stainless Steel Fabricated Basket Strainer with Quick Opening Eye Bolts

BWEB150 and BWEB150SS Steel Fabricated Basket Strainer

Sure Flow BW150 / BW300 Carbon Steel or BW150SS / BW300SS Strainless Steel Flanged Fabricated Basket Strainer

BW150 / BW300 and BW150SS / BW300SS Fabricated Steel Basket


The Sure Flow BW600 Carbon Steel and BW600SS Stainless Steel Fabricated Basket Strainer

BW600 / BW600SS Fabricated Steel Basket Strainer

Sure Flow BWH150 x BWH300 Carbon Steel and BWH150SS / BWH300SS Stainless Steel with Quick Opening Hinged Cover, Fabricated Basket Strainer

BWH150 / BWH300 Carbon Steel,  BWH150SS / BWH300SS Stainless


These are Custom Basket Strainers for Sure Flows Fabricated Basket Strainers

Custom Strainer Option, Optional Features and Special Construction of Fabricated Basket Strainers


Pressure Drop Chart of Sure Flow Fabricated Basket Strainers

Flow Rate Vs. Pressure Drop Chart for Fabricated Basket Strainers