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ASME Class 150 / 300 / 600 – Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel

Bleed Ring and Flushing Ring
Bleed Rings Flushing Rings dimensional schematic


•  Sure Flow Equipment Bleed Rings and Flushing Rings are designed to withstand any pressure – temperature combination that an ASME flange will withstand.
•  1/2” or 3/4” , threaded or socket-weld taps are standard. Multiple taps can be provided but must be orientated by customer. Thickness of ring may be affected if larger taps are required.
•  One coat of standard shop primer will be applied to all carbon steel rings unless specified differently.
•  Standard materials are:  SA516 Gr.70  •  304 Stainless Steel  •  316 Stainless Steel
                                           Other alloys can be furnished upon request
•  Sure Flow Equipment Bleed Rings and Flushing Rings are produced in strict accordance with the following codes of practice: ASME B16.5 • ASME B16.20 • ASME B16.47 (For larger diameter flanges)


•  Standard with 125-250 AARH Serrated Finish

•  Higher ASME pressure ratings available

•  Larger sizes available

•  Manufacturer reserves the right to modify dimensions, materials, or design. Consult factory for certification.

Bleed Rings Dimension chart
Bleed Rings Ordering Info Operating Pressures
Sure Flow bleed ring and flushing ring


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