Expressions can become part of the lexicon like when Sally Field won an Academy Award and in her acceptance speech exclaimed “I can’t deny the fact that You Like Me!”

While Sure Flow Equipment isn’t nominated for any Oscars, we often have that “You Like Me!” feeling.

Repeat orders are the kind of recognition we crave, and below is a case in point.

This 6-inch BWH150 is a custom carbon steel fabricated basket strainer and is a repeat order from a regular customer.

It is a 6-inch class 150 raised face flanged inlet and outlet.

The 10-inch body includes a quick open hinged closure to make changing out the basket easier and quicker.

The unit includes a flat bottom, allowing it to sit on grade with no need for pipe supports.

It included an Alberta CRN and will be installed in a bitumen processing plant.

Bitumen can be processed into various products but is commonly used in asphalt. The oil sands contain large quantities of bitumen. We are seeing the beginnings of a gradual transition to production of electric vehicles from internal combustion engines, but those electric cars still drive on roads. And roads are constructed for the most part from bitumen, so it’s still a vital part of our transportation infrastructure.

Sure Flow Equipment is grateful that customers in a broad range of industries continue to rely on our expertise to custom engineer and fabricate products for their unique production challenges. Repeat orders and loyal customers are the greatest goal we could strive for.

To those repeat customers, to all our customers, we say Thank You!

6 inch BWH150 fabricated basket strainer