The special Concentric Reducer addition to our Sure
Flow Model 2000/BWA600BW 20″x30″ Custom Fabricated Basket Strainer
plays a very important part in an everyday task. A Concentric
Reducer is a fitting used to connect two pipes or tubes that have
different inside diameters. It is also known as a tapered expansion
joint. Materials of manufacture include stainless steel, carbon
steel, steel alloy, copper nickel or cast iron. The featured unit
is being shipped to Tonopah, Nevada and will be used in their very
own Solar Tower Plant. This facility consists of a 540-foot solar
power tower for its 110 megawatt Solar Energy Plant located near
Tonopah, Nevada. Utilizing the most advanced solar thermal
technology worldwide, the Plant will be the first commercial-scale
solar power facility with fully integrated energy storage in the
USA and is currently the largest power plant of its kind in the
world. Our Sure Flow team tackled and executed this task with great
efficiency. We love taking on big jobs like these and look forward
to our next challenge. All we need is your drawing or design
conditions and we’re all set! See more examples of completed Custom
Engineered Fabricated Strainer projects here in our Product
Gallery. We encourage you to contact us for all your custom
engineered, fabricated strainers, filters, valves and pipeline
accessories. For a full overview of our product line and technical
scope we invite you to check us out at: