Sure Flow Equipment’s “Clean Welding Room”

Sure Flow Equipment has an on-going commitment to Continuous Quality Improvement and our “Clean Welding Room” is proof we are committed to the highest quality standards. It has allowed us to expand our custom fabrication capability and our ability to satisfy increasingly stringent high-quality demands by customers.
It is designed to meet the increasing demand for strainers made from exotic materials as titanium, hastelloy, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, etc.

The “Clean Room” is specially designed to eliminate contamination of the raw materials, consumables and welds during the welding process. This 16’x 18′ self-contained, closed room features controlled flow through ventilation creating a positive inside air pressure, sprinklers, lockable sealed doors and all new decontaminated tools and accessories.

The fully equipped room includes a welding positioner with an integrated, fully adjustable headstock incorporating isolation blocks and pads to prevent material contamination.

It also includes a portable fume extractor, painted floor and a welding consumables quarantine area.

Implementation of our “Clean Room” has expanded the expertise of Sure Flow Equipment’s strainer fabrication facility and strengthened our ability to satisfy increasingly stringent high-quality standards.

As we’ve continued to grow our customer base, we are custom fabricating an increasing variety of strainers for tough conditions like off-shore resource exploration and extraction, which demand alloys like titanium because of their strength and corrosion resistance. These products require extremely clean conditions for proper welding and Sure Flow Equipment’s Clean Welding Room meets that need.