Product Gallery

Here is just a small sampling of some of the exceptional products Sure Flow Equipment has custom designed and fabricated for a wide variety of customers in just about every industry.

Custom Fabricated Basket Strainer c/w Rubber Lining and Alloy 400 Monel Strainer Baskets.

BW Basket Strainers with custom fit extended inlet and outlet connections

Sure Flow Fabricated Dual Basket Assembly

Sure Flow FWT Fabricated Wye (Y) Strainers, Manufactured to 100% perfection. The “Rolls” of Y-Strainers

CFD Engineering design software facilitates multi-scenario design studies including model flow throughout strainers and valves.

Compact 4-ft SS Cone Strainer, Open Area 300%. Provides compressed effective flow area equivalent to a 20-ft long Cone Strainer

Custom Engineered Monel Custom Strainer Basket Holding System

42 x 64 Fabricated Basket Strainers Multi-Inlet/Outlet

Custom Screens and Basket Strainers designed to provided specifications