In my Blog of March 22, 2013: Here’s Looking at You!
we showed you a 60″ Temporary Strainer at the starting stage of its
manufacturing process. Well, here it is finished! Our employees did
a great job! And we will be custom fabricating 15 more of these
60-inch by 8.75 ft. huge Reverse Cone Strainers. Sure Flow
Equipment offers a wide assortment of screen types and strainer
types to meet all your filtration or screening needs: View our
Custom Strainer Baskets and Screens Video for a snapshot of our
wide selection. Or just download our Temporary Strainers and Custom
Screens Catalogue. To provide optimum protection for the voyage
enroute to its Mideast petrochemical destination, we shrink-wrapped
this Strainer unit with specialized high strength, marine grade
plastic film. Weather resistant, clean, 100% recyclable and an
industry standard in terms of quality, this plastic film
shrink-wrap system is a new enhancement to our shipping methods.
Seeking continual improvements is intrinsic to everyone at Sure
Flow Equipment Inc., consistent with our ISO 9001:2008
Certification and commitment to quality. We look forward to hearing
from you, with your next filtration project. Contact Sure Flow
Equipment Inc. and let us custom design a solution for your
application. Send us a drawing and we will produce a design and
fabricate to your requirements. See more details at: Custom
Strainer Screens and Custom Engineered Design. Please check out our
full product line and technical scope at: