If you have followed my Blogs (see Life Companions and
Perfect Landing), you will already be familiar with Milo, my Golden
Retriever. He is a rescue dog. Well, I think it was Milo who
rescued me! He is a great companion. Loves my farm which is
abundantly populated with deer, geese, wild turkeys, grouse and
yes, even bears! The wildlife is outstanding! As Milo is gazing at
one of the ponds, of course he is thinking about Sure Flow
Equipment Inc. and strainers. All joking aside, I’m sure he is
actually thinking about dinner. I love my four-legged companions.
And I love my four vacuum cleaners that keep their excessive
shedding under control. At the moment my Black Lab is out of the
country luxuriating in the sunny south. Meanwhile, at Sure Flow we
are hard at work fulfilling our commitment to supply high quality
pipeline strainers, filters, valves and custom fabricated
filtration solutions. You can depend on us to deliver exceptional
customer satisfaction. Please check out www.sureflowequipment.com
and remember to contact us for all your strainer and filtration