News publications report record profit and sales of
corporations as an indicator of success. There are many forms of
success. I continually write about the superior quality of our
products provided by my Company. But a rewarding personal success
for me is the “personal growth” of my employees. Once recruited,
they find their niche. An example is my Assistant, Karin Demone.
Karin started with Sure Flow 11 years ago as a receptionist. She
now works directly with me and is proficient as QMR for our ISO
9001:2000 Certification and in web design, to her credit. Very
rarely do employees leave my Company. There are many factors, of
course, but I promote personal growth with all my employees. Andrew
Litster (nickname A.J.) started off as a summer student and has
decided to stay with Sure Flow. Cliff Davis, one of our senior
Welders, took Andrew under his wing and taught him how to weld.
Pictured here is his first strainer. Cliff has enjoyed the chance
to pass on his skills to A.J. It’s not all about welding. Cliff is
A.J.’s mentor. My mentor, Jack Desmond Wordsworth (my father) is 83
on September 2, 2006. He’s still sharp as a tack.