This 18″ x 24″ Dual Basket Strainer is destined for
the ABACO Power Plant in the Bahamas. It will be used on a Borehole
Cooling Water System. Salt water will be strained through this
unit, preventing particles from entering the heat exchanger,
therefore extending the tube life. It is constructed of Monel, 6MO
Stainless Steel, Modified Polymerized Mo2 Plastisite Coating,
Carboline Epoxy 890. These are all key components used recently for
our fabrication of this custom Dual Basket Strainer. With the
service conditions supplied, our Engineering Department was able to
provide accurate sizing information to verify screen and body size
in order to meet the customer’s requirements. This is yet another
example of crazy stuff we make at Sure Flow Equipment Inc. Be sure
to visit our website again, as we will soon be adding product
videos. * p.s: Click here to let us know your answer!