Sure Flow Equipment CEO John Wordsworth likes to talk about the Sure Flow Family and how he tries to inspire employees to work as team in our customers’ best interests.

So we’d like to announce the latest addition to the family, in the sales department, Kevin Eng.

Kevin joins the team with a background in technical inside sales, which is a perfect fit for the Sure Flow product line which is broad in its scope and extremely varied in the number of applications where our industrial valves and strainers end up.

After university Kevin spent many years working with a wide range of products and applications and he’s been able to transfer these skills to help Sure Flow customers. While we get lots of repeat business, a large number of our customer inquiries are about very specific tasks and applications.

Being able to find the product that meets the required application is where Kevin is hitting his stride.

Kevin explains “I’m dealing customers all over the world, providing me with specific applications and looking for solutions to their straining and filtration requirements, and it’s challenging.”

“The upside to this is that it’s extremely satisfying when we’re able to find the product that fits that customer’s needs. Whether it’s an existing product from inventory or something our engineering and fabrication team manufactures, at the end of the day it’s really gratifying.”

Kevin has been hard at work learning the Sure Flow product line and internal systems, but he hit the ground running when it came to getting orders out the door. He is also up to speed coordinating with our engineering teams of those orders that require custom fabrication.

You may have spoken to Kevin on the phone, and he also spends a lot of time on our website “Live Chat” system. Kevin observes that “Some customers just like to be able to engage with us via their computers and we’re happy it’s a service that has been so well embraced.”

As with so many products right now one of Kevin’s biggest challenges is just how rapidly prices are changing. “With how variable so many of our input materials like steel are changing, this post-pandemic period poses unique challenges in making sure customers are getting the best pricing available.”

Like everyone Kevin has had to adapt to the disruptions the last several years have provided. At home his son has just started heading off to Grade One, with learning actually at a school! Who’d have ever thought that after all the ‘on-line’ learning of late, this would  seem out of the ordinary.

Sure Flow Equipment is excited to have Kevin Eng as part of the team and hopes you’ll give him a call or engage with him on “Live Chat” and discover for yourself his commitment to making sure Sure Flow always exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Kevin Eng blog photo Sure Flow