New Sure Flow Sales Team members start with a week of
hands-on immersion into our world of Industrial Pipeline Strainers
& Valves. Firsthand knowledge is gained of our custom
fabricated strainers and vast off-the-shelf inventory of industrial
strainers, filters, valves and pipeline accessories. Shown here is
Colin, Sure Flow’s expert Machinist, as he welcomes Pardiv to check
out our on-site Machine Shop. Introduction to the Production Shop
provides familiarity with the work flow of our pipeline pressure
vessel fabrication weld shop, strainer screen manufacturing, valve
and strainer assembly and machine shop. Orientation includes our
Quality Control, Shipping and Receiving processes. It also serves
to establish rapport with our Sure Flow family of employees.
Valuable insight gained by this initiation method translates into
optimal customer service and satisfaction for you. At Sure Flow
Equipment Inc. we are continually building on our aim to be your
single and only complete source for Custom Engineered, Fabricated
Industrial Pipeline Strainers, Filters, Valves and Pipeline
Accessories. Contact us with your requirements and check us out at: