3D modeling is the process of using a mathematical representation of all the surfaces of an object. Most of us are familiar with it everywhere from movie theatres to medical procedures like 3D MRIs. Some of us even remember watching the 1995 Disney movie “Toy Story”, the first full length computer animated movie we’d seen and being in awe of how great the computer animated images created by Pixar were.

From an industrial perspective 3D models improve the production process. From an end user perspective 3D models better help our customers visualize numerous facets of the installation of our products, including space requirements. Anyone who has installed a new kitchen faucet knows the challenges of working in a confined and restricted space. If you want employees enthused about cleaning and maintaining industrial valves and strainers you better make sure they don’t have to be contortion artists to accomplish the task. So, visualizing what’s involved with removing covers and extracting baskets to be cleaned is critical.

The cost of installing a valve with a manual diverter handle where insufficient space was allocated for full movement to clean out can be significant, without factoring in how it could slow down the installation process if this is discovered after the fact.

Sure Flow is excited to have recently updated the website to amalgamate all of our 3D videos in one place. We have placed individual 3D videos on the appropriate product pages. But we thought it would be advantageous to aggregate them all in one place as well for our customer’s reference.

You’ll find all of our 3D videos here;

3 Dimensional Video

We, of course, have some personal favorites in our arsenal of videos.
The YT6 video gets you up close and personal with one of most popular products, the Y Strainer.

In a great example of making sure to allocate lots of space for clean out and maintenance, the BW150 with Davit really shows the power of 3-dimensional computer modelling.

With our swing check and wafer check valves it’s fairly easy to see how they work, because the springs and moving parts are all exposed.  In the case of a silent globe check valve, even though all of the workings are securely out of site when you look at a photo, the 3D video of the CF150SS provides the valuable perspective of what’s going on inside.

Dual basket strainers have lots of moving parts with valves opening and closing to divert the liquid flow.  Our first “Dual Basket Strainer” video gives a great perspective on these workings. And the DBH Type 9 video actually shows water flowing through as check valves are opened and closed.

Finally, our duplex strainer video really shows off the inner workings of this popular Sure Flow product.

So please take a minute to check out some of these amazing videos.

3 Dimensional Video

Sure Flow has been in a process of continuous quality improvement since our inception. We have been constantly expanding our product lines and production capability to provide customers with a broader line of products. And we have been adding quality testing and certification at every step of the process to ensure we meet our customer’s quality expectations. We believe these video offerings are a good example of staying ahead of the curve for our customers.