As referenced in my Blog entry of May 10, 2007, a
family of “Canadian Geese” migrate to our facility every year and
this year built their nest near our front door. Both parents, but
especially the gander, zealously guarded their roosting spot filled
with six newly laid eggs. As time passed, they learned to trust us
and relaxed their defense somewhat, allowing us to regain nearly
normal usage of our parking lot and main entrance. The eggs hatched
on a Sunday afternoon and to our delight the next day we watched as
the goslings started to explore the world while “Mom” and “Dad”
watched protectively. As nature would have it, our moments were
fleeting. By noon the new family had travelled to the small marsh
at the edge of our property and by Wednesday they had moved onward
and literally “flown the coop”. Time does “fly by” and we look
forward to the return of our Canadian Geese next spring. In the
meantime, we are enjoying the myriad of beautiful songbirds that
frequent our tree branches and windowsills as they partake of our
well-stocked bird feeders. We feel fortunate to be surrounded by
such an abundance of natural wildlife – it provides us with an
oasis of tranquility and inspiration in the midst of our hectic
work days.