Unbelievable that we’re approaching 2008. It seems
like yesterday I was sitting on a mountain in British Columbia
cheering in 2000. Time flies by when you’re having fun! Next year
of course we will continue to further develop our extensive line of
Strainers with a specific new line of Strainers: Stainless Steel
with specialty start-up. What that means is reverse flow with a
matrix screen – completely NEW! Plus, Check Valves at Sure Flow. Of
course this includes Valves: Check, Wafer and Valves: Swing, Check
– complete with lever and weight, air cushioned and Ball Checks.
Sure Flow 2007: Too much went on this year to list everything, but
a few highlights included our new Teflon Seated Butterfly Valves
and Viton Seated Butterfly Valves and our Strainers Custom
Engineered to ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 with U and UM Code Stamp
available. For an overview take a look at: What’s New