In the “Wonders Never Cease” department, this post will provide some information about a product that Sure Flow Equipment produces, that many people may not be aware of.

This is our “Bird Screen Strainer.”

While it is counter-intuitive to think that our avian friends would want anything to do with the type of environments where industrial valves and strainers end up, birds just seem to like to get into places that we’d rather them not.

High pressure blow-off outflows are one of those places.

These sorts of pipes and outlets exist in many manufacturing and refining operations. Much of the time they sit with little activity, just a warm, open space. The kind of place that would be a perfect spot to roost or build a nest.

But when pressure builds upstream, and the pressure relief valves release high pressure gas or liquid, the consequences for both any animal that gets in the way, or the outlet pipe if a nest has been built that would restrict air or liquid movement, could be extremely negative.

A likely exit point for this might be on a roof. The exhaust pipe would have a gooseneck or a 180-degree pipe fitting that would prevent the entry of water. It would not, however, prevent the entry of birds and may in fact, make it an attractive location to take up residence.

A bird screen strainer would therefore be essential to preventing any debris accumulation in this pipe. Sure Flow provides “bird screen strainers” which have a large enough mesh to allow ample air or liquid flow, but small enough to ensure the smallest creatures can’t get through.

Sure Flow is happy to customize this product for any application, just let us know the specifics and our engineering department will get to work providing exactly what you need. Call us today and let us help you come up with a solution to this challenge posed by our fine-feathered friends.

small bird screen strainer

Small Bird Screen Strainer

bird screen srainer with fine screen

We photographed this larger bird screen strainer sitting on top of a Sure Flow shipping carton, which you can see through the fine screen in the unit.

bird screen strainer sample installation

Here’s a sample installation.