Here is a very cool order Sure Flow Equipment recently fabricated and shipped. It included 32 bleed rings for a customer where they were going be installed in petroleum refining.

stainless steel bleed ring with gate valve

The bleed rings are 2” and 3” inches in size. They are class 300 and 600.

They utilize 316/316 stainless steel construction.

One of the unique elements of this order was the two, ½” SW x NPT gate valves on each side of the bleed ring.

One advantage of having double valves is redundancy in case one fails. Or you may require one valve for venting and one for draining.

In this case, with two valves you could use the bleed ring to vent upon start-up or filling up the production line.

You then also use the bleed ring to drain the line when shutting it down or emptying the line.

If you were going to use it for venting and draining, one valve would be on top to vent and the other on the bottom to drain, in the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions.

Bleed rings can be used for gases as well as liquids, but with much of our custom fabrication work we find our customers working with liquids more often.

In this case the application and engineering specifications required gate valves on the bleed ring.

As with all Sure Flow Equipment’s custom fabrication work quality is our priority. The testing for these bleed rings included 100% Positive Material Identification (PMI) of all components and welds.

A project like this required input from a wide variety of our engineering, fabrication, and testing team, and once all the units were put together to prepare for shipping, it was an impressive order. And as always, we are grateful to the customer who showed confidence in the Sure Flow Team!

stainless steel bleed ring with gate valves on pallet

from above photo of stainless steel bleed ring with gate valves

stainless steel bleed ring with gate valves against dark background