I really take pride in the extraordinary way my staff
pulls together to meet challenges and tight deadlines. We get the
order and quality is our number one goal. Whether it’s a Sanitary
Strainer, Fabricated Strainers, Duplex Strainers, Y Strainers,
Basket Strainers or Fabricated Dual Basket Strainers, we get it
done. Well, our customer needed their order of Dual Basket
Strainers on site before the December holiday break. Brad and Vern
attended Sure Flow at 4:30 a.m. (yes!) and left 14 hours later.
They got it done. Working tirelessly from the early hours they
assembled, tested, painted and this huge 24″ x 36″ DB150 Dual
Basket Strainer shipped out the next day. Thank you to all. I feel
very fortunate to have such a loyal and supportive family of
employees. We met the delivery goal and satisfied our customer.
It’s not about how we do it. It’s about quality products for you,
our customer. We are the best. We offer competitive pricing and we
provide the best. We are ISO 9001:2008 Registered. Our custom
products are designed and manufactured to ASME Section VIII, Div 1
requirements with ASME “U” Code Stamp and ASME “UM” Code Stamp and
National Board “NB” Mark available. Our facility is C-TPAT
Certified (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism). Upon
request, a C.R.N. (Canadian Registration Number) is available. For
a full overview of our product line and technical scope please
check us out at: www.sureflowequipment.com and contact us for all
your industrial pipeline strainers, custom engineered, fabricated
strainers, filters, valves and pipeline accessories.