In Kruger National Park I rode an elephant for about
two hours. The Guide was absolutely incredible. I learned so much.
Did you know the elephant’s trunk is composed of up to 6,000
different bones? Yes, an elephant can pick up a peanut with its
trunk. Elephants are very, very intelligent and have an incredible
sense of smell and hearing capacity. They can communicate with
another elephant up to 20 km away. Elephants will eat up to 18
hours a day and some will exceed 8,000 lbs. The females will adopt
stray babies, which is not common among most mammals. Shown here is
a female elephant that was having a bad day. She decided to charge
our safari vehicle! Our Guide, “Mike” and our Tracker, “Tulla”
sensed the situation. We survived! That’s why I am able to write
this blog and happily continue to be your only source for Custom
Engineered, Fabricated Industrial Strainers, Filters and Valves.
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