Well, during the next few weeks I will post photos
from my “trip of a lifetime”! Janet and I visited Dubai, Cape Town,
Victoria Falls, Johannesburg and went on safari in Kruger National
Park. We walked with lions, tried fly fishing and enjoyed horseback
riding in the mountains. Of course, I brought my computer along to
ensure I kept in touch with our world of Custom Engineered,
Fabricated Industrial Strainers, Filters and Valves. Pictured here
is a male cheetah. He is a comparatively small cheetah who can run
at speeds up to 120 kms/hour. This particular male was rescued. He
suffered injuries resulting from travelling at enormous speeds
during hunting. To repair his wounds required 57 stitches. He was
then fitted with a tracking collar to protect his safety. Next up:
Elephants! In the meantime, I invite you to take a tour of our
product offerings and technical scope. Please check us out at: