Sure Flow Equipment is proud to have our products operate in the toughest of conditions. Some of these are brutal based on the products we are working with – temperature extremes or corrosive fluids that our strainers and valves are working with in the industrial process itself.

The other are extremes based on the environment we’re operating in. Extreme cold, extreme heat, corrosion in saltwater installations …  you name it, if there’s a place on the planet that presents a challenge to engineers, our products are probably operating there.

We are particularly proud that our products are installed in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Newfoundland. This can be an incredibly inhospitable area in which to operate equipment. The challenges that the engineers face with drilling under a huge body of water, then extracting that oil and somehow delivering it to shore for processing, are bad enough. But in the Atlantic, Mother Nature is unforgiving and the storms are epic.

Nature challenges can sometimes take a more seemingly benign form, with something as simple as birds. While we can imagine these would be a welcome reprieve for the crew on a drilling platform, they actually form a unique challenge from an operational perspective. If birds are flying that far offshore, they are often looking for a place to rest. And given the right conditions, potentially nest. Needless to say there are a myriad of nooks and crannies, and pipe openings for them to choose from. Something as seemingly harmless as a seabird can pose huge impediments to the smooth operating of an offshore drilling platform.

The solution for exposed pipes and outlets are Sure Flow “Bird Screens.”  These are literally strainers for birds, or at least strainers to keep birds out.

bird screen strainers customer fabricated from titanium

We custom fabricate them to meet your individual production and environmental challenge, in whatever material you require. In the case of this order of “Bird Screens”, they were fabricated in titanium.

Titanium has a number of excellent properties for industrial applications like this. It has an extremely high strength to density ratio, and it also provides the highest corrosion resistance of any metallic element.

The challenge with titanium is that it must be welded in an ‘inert’ atmosphere of helium or argon which will shield it from oxygen and other atmospheric gases. While this may pose a challenge to our competitors, Sure Flow’s “Clean Welding Room” was specifically designed to address these sorts of issues.

Is there additional expense and inconvenience to using a “Clean Welding Room?” Absolutely. Did that deter Sure Flow from installing one for our customers? Absolutely not!

You’ve got challenges in your line of work. Let us take some of that burden and come up with a solution to what’s causing you stress. The Sure Flow Team is ready, willing and able!

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