Wow! What a Show we had! The custom designed Sure Flow
Strainer Man (bottom left in photo) and Sure Flow Strainer Dog
(middle left in photo) stole the Show. Plus we were handing out, or
“throwing”, our complimentary Sure Flow stress footballs –
coincidentally just as football frenzy was taking hold in high
anticipation of the game between the undefeated Colts and Patriots.
I’m sure you’ve all heard the outcome! We exhibited all our
products, with special concentration given to our new Magnetic Core
Strainers, Duplex Strainers, API Wafer / Dual Check Valves and our
new line of Automatic Knife Gate Valves. Also shown were our new
Wedge Wire Triple Layer Screens – three times the surface area of a
conventional screen. Check our products for yourself – just visit
us at: Click: Contact Us and
request “Chem Show Package Specials”.