I am excited to share more details about our new Clean
Room dedicated for welding specific exotic materials. In order to
meet the increasing need for strainers made from exotic materials
such as titanium, hastelloy, duplex and super duplex stainless
steels, etc., we are in the process of installing a “Clean Room”
specially designed to eliminate contamination of the raw materials,
consumables and welds during the welding process. This 16’x 18′
self-contained, closed room will have features such as controlled
flow through ventilation creating a positive inside air pressure,
sprinklers, lockable sealed doors and all new decontaminated tools
and accessories. The fully equipped room will include a welding
positioner with an integrated, fully adjustable headstock
incorporating isolation blocks and pads to prevent material
contamination. Also included will be a portable fume extractor,
painted floor and a welding consumables quarantine area.
Implementation of this Clean Room will expand the expertise of Sure
Flow Equipment’s strainer fabrication facility and strengthen our
ability to satisfy increasingly stringent high quality standards.
Check back soon for progress updates! And remember, for successful
custom engineered strainer and filtration solutions make sure to
contact us.