Take a look at this 26-inch Dual Basket Strainer
assembly c/w specially fabricated linkage we recently custom
engineered to fulfill our customer’s requirement for a one-person
operable strainer unit. Can you truly believe one person can open
and close this 26-inch unit? Engineering excellence – “Well Done”
to all concerned! We outdid the other guys again! Sure Flow
designed the unit to function with only a single gear operator to
open and close all four Butterfly Valves for a smooth operating
transition when diverting flow from one primary strainer basket to
a second primary strainer basket to facilitate the cleaning
procedure. Shipped to a power plant in Florida, this unit stands 13
feet; 11 inches high and weighs more than 14,000 lbs. Another
successful solution by Sure Flow to satisfy a unique strainer
project! Be sure to contact us for your Custom Fabricated
Strainers. Our challenge is your vision. We love the challenge! We
take custom engineered design seriously at our quality focused
manufacturing facility where you can place your order with
confidence. Just check out the full overview of our industrial
strainers, filters and valves, technical scope and quality
certifications at: www.sureflowequipment.com