Sure Flow’s V.P. Engineering and Design Justin LeBlanc

Change is a constant in every industry and it’s driven from so many angles… competition, technology, government regulation, business cycles.

With the announcement of the upcoming retirement of Sure Flow Equipment’s CEO John Wordsworth some change is inevitable at Sure Flow.

John Wordsworth is ensuring that nothing changes for Sure Flow customers and is giving enhanced responsibility to some of his longest serving team members. This will ensure a smooth transition going forward.

Justin LeBlanc has been promoted to Vice President of Engineering and Design.

For more than a decade Justin has been at the helm of the engineering department which is an extremely critical position as Sure Flow has steadily increased its custom fabrication work.

Justin has dealt with these challenges from all angles. As customer specifications have become increasingly demanding, the Sure Flow design and engineering team has been able to stay at the top of their game.

Internally, Sure Flow prides itself in its multiple certifications to ensure the final fabricated product meets and exceeds the highest quality standards. ISO 9001:2015, ASME, TSSA, NB Mark. Customers can have confidence that third party certifiers agree that a custom fabricated industrial strainer or valve from Sure Flow Equipment, meets and exceeds the highest industry standard.

In charge of the design and engineering of this product, Justin brings a breadth of knowledge and experience. Sure Flow uses Codeware’s ‘Compress’ Pressure Vessel Design Software which is a specialized product to help engineers efficiently design and rate ASME B&PV Sec.VIII pressure vessels.

Justin was also key in the implementation of Sure Flow’s computational fluid design (CFD) to analyze how the liquid will flow through the product and to ensure this information is incorporated into the final design. This allows customers to have an outstanding visual representation of flow through the product which just adds another dimension of analysis to the design and production process.

Justin started at Sure Flow right out of McMaster University, noted for its Engineering program. Sure Flow staff used to call him “Junior”, but that is difficult now that he has 4 kids himself.

Sure Flow founder John Wordsworth comments “Justin is a brilliant engineer and has a natural sense to make the right choice in business decisions. When I ask his opinon he is direct with a short, clear, accurate reply. No one in the industry can compete with his design skills and compliance with industry standards.”

When you talk to Justin you get a sense of his genuine engagement in the design and engineering side of the custom fabrication process. The terms flow effortlessly… “low temperature carbon steel… titanium… steam jacketed… swivel clamp cover…” One gets the sense the more complicated the design project, the more enthused Justin gets.

Sure Flow has an exceptional individual in charge of its engineering and design department. As is often the case with any business as successful as Sure Flow, there are times when the number of projects that need to be coordinated is daunting. With 4 kids under 10 years old at home you know Justin has lots of experience with prioritizing and following through with task designation or ‘project management’. Just getting that many kids to bed is challenging enough. Taking them on vacation to the great outdoors as he loves to do just adds another dimension of organizational skills.

We’re very excited to acknowledge our V.P. Engineering and Design and hope customers will take a moment to call and discuss any upcoming projects with Justin. He loves the challenge, and he loves to discuss these projects one on one with customers. Justin is perfectly qualified for the task at hand!

Justin LeBlanc Sure Flow image