In our more than 30 years of providing high quality solutions to our customer’s straining requirements, Sure Flow Equipment has constantly looked at ways to be more responsive.

We started stocking a large variety of strainers and valves that customers required on a regular basis, then began implementing a series of quality certification programs as more and more industries and customers demanded it.

When customers demanded specific products which we couldn’t meet with our extensive inventory of strainers and valves, we increased the size and scope of our engineering and fabrication capabilities. Now more than half of our sales are in custom designed and engineered products.

We’re proud of how we’ve grown with our customer’s needs.

One area we’ve looked at for many years has been the overlap of filtration and straining.

Up until now we’ve left the smaller particulate filtration to companies that specialize in the that, and we’ve maintained our leadership in the straining and removal of larger debris and materials from gas and liquids.

Today we’re excited to announce that Sure Flow Equipment is now in the filtration business.

We have partnered with Filtration Systems (Division of Mechanical Manufacturing Corporation) to provide our customers with high quality solutions to their filtration requirements.

While many of our customers are in industries such as power generation where their main requirements are removal of large debris from things like cooling water, others periodically need to first remove larger material, then take it to the next level with filtration of much smaller particulate.

Sure Flow Equipment is thrilled to be able to work with Filtration Systems so that we can provide even more flexibility and offer a much broader range of contaminant removal. Initially we’ll be working very closely with them in terms of processing requests from our Canadian Customers for filtration.

Sure Flow Equipment customers will be working with one vendor to clean the big stuff from their fluids right down to the little stuff.

We also anticipate adding new customers to the Sure Flow Equipment family in the area of healthcare services and food processing where filtration of much smaller materials is critical for high quality and reliable results.

These are exciting times at Sure Flow Equipment as we undergo a major expansion to our product line and we welcome inquiries as always. Our engineering and fabrication team can help with any challenges you may be facing, from ‘straining’ the big stuff, to ‘filtering’ the little stuff.

You’ve now got one stop shopping and it all starts with a call to Sure Flow Equipment!

Filter media over Filtration Systems from Sure Flow Equipment


Filtration Systems over the top design from Sure Flow Equipment

Series filtration systems from Sure Flow Equipment