Another custom fabrication challenge = Another Sure
Flow success! Take a look at this 3-inch Sure Flow Model BW300CuNi
Fabricated Basket Strainer constructed of 90 10 Cu Ni (UNS C70600),
a copper-based alloy. Corrosion resistant, ideally suited to meet
our customer’s heated raw seawater application, this relatively
difficult to source material and strainer design demanded special
welding expertise. With a new Welding Procedure in place, our
certified welders were well prepared to tackle this unique custom
basket strainer fabrication which also had to comply with NACE
requirements. This basket strainer was manufactured complete with a
hinge cover for easy maintenance and a specially constructed Monel
basket with a small hole size (200 mesh) and a large basket free
flow area of 5 times inlet pipe area to protect a pump in a
critical slop water system application on an Eastern Canadian
offshore oil rig. As usual, you can count on Sure Flow Equipment to
satisfy your requirements for custom engineered strainers. Remember
to contact Sure Flow Equipment for all your custom engineered,
fabricated strainers, filters and valves. For a full overview of
our product line and technical scope we invite you to check us out