Featured here is a Custom Engineered Fabricated 24″
FWT300 Y Strainer, Carbon Steel with ASME Class 300 Flanges and a
2-inch drain with Ball Valve. Destined for a high pressure potable
water system in Mexico, this strainer is complete with an internal
and external coating of special light blue epoxy paint, compliant
with the NSF.61 specification for potable (drinking) water systems.
The following excerpt from our recently released FWT Fabricated Y
Strainers Introductory Pricing promo epitomizes our philosophy: The
fabricated strainers featured are the most advanced filtration
strainers in our field today. Think about it! The repercussions of
the recent environmental issue have compelled our industry to seek
an alternate to a “cast product”, a “different insurance”. The Sure
Flow FWT fabricated strainers represent just a sampling of our
Canadian Made fabricated strainers, all of which are manufactured
to comply with a stringent quality assurance program! Our exacting
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