Custom Fabricated Strainers Keep Moving Forward

The holidays are over for another year, and our production department continues to fabricate custom strainers for a range of customers in a wide variety of industries.

Below is one of several 10’’ BWH150 units that recently shipped.

These are fabricated carbon steel basket strainers with a quick open cover with hinge.

The units have a 10’’ raised face flanged inlet and outlet.

Our engineering department incorporated differential pressure taps on the inlet and outlet nozzles. These will allow the customer to attach a differential pressure gauge to measure differential pressure across the basket and monitor how clogged the unit has become in the future.

Some customers rely on pipe supports underneath when strainers like this are installed inline. With these units we provided legs to make the strainers self-supporting.

These are not the flashiest of units we’ve ever profiled here. We can’t fill up the description with technical jargon about complicated add-ons. It is typical of many of our custom fabricated strainers produced here at Sure Flow. It is custom engineered to the customer’s specification. The unit will fulfill a critical role in just one of the huge variety of industrial processes that our products operate in, and that allow our society to maintain such a high standard of living.

The Sure Flow Equipment engineering and fabrication team realize how critical products such as this are for our industrial infrastructure, and the importance in ensuring we meet and exceed our customers’ demand for quality.

BWH150 ten inch carbon steel basket strainer with quick open cover with hinge