Sure Flow offers a wide assortment of screen types to
meet all your filtration or screening needs. Over the course of two
decades we have manufactured: Cone/Conical Strainers, Basket/Hat
Strainers, Reverse/Straight Flow Strainers, Plate Strainers, Media
Retention Nozzles, Resin Traps, Submerged Intake Screens, Foot
Valves Screens and many more styles. The woven screen can be
supplied in a perforated material or, for finer filtration, in a
mesh material. These choices include Stainless Steel, Alloy 20,
Titanium, Hastelloy, Monel, or for that matter, any exotic
material. The products pictured to the right are a Wedge Wire
Cylindrical Strainer and our new Reverse Flow Cone Strainer. Sure
Flow offers many options for your custom filter, custom screen and
custom strainer requirements. Just give us a drawing or your design
conditions and we will produce a design and manufacture to your
requirements. See more at: Custom Temporary Strainers Please check
out the full overview of our industrial valves, filters and
strainers, technical scope and quality certifications at: and contact us for your next custom
engineered project.