Here’s a recent Custom Fabricated Basket Strainer
designed by Sure Flow: BW150 10″ x 16″ Rubber Lined Carbon Steel
Simplex Basket Strainer c/w Isolation Ball Valves to facilitate
ease of maintenance and featuring a Differential Pressure
Transmitter – one of many custom accessories available. Bound for
an overseas mining operation, the customer’s order included several
similar basket strainers of various sizes to fulfill their
requirements. Make sure to send your fabrication requirements to
Sure Flow Equipment Inc. Our skilled Engineering team is ready to
tackle your design challenges. Contact us today with your
specifications. View our Basket Strainers Video and see the vast
selection of Custom Strainer Options offered for your strainer
applications. For more details take a look at our Custom Engineered
Strainers Catalogue and check out our extensive line of Industrial
Filters, Strainers and Valves at: