By Sure Flow CEO John Wordsworth

Over 30 years I have developed the leadership abilities of many great employees. As my website states, I am simply a skipper of a sailboat. Without the crew we would never get to our destination. If the rudder of the boat is broken, we will be sailing in circles with no destination. Who will fix it? Well my staff at Sure Flow will bring us on course.

Danny Miles has been with Sure Flow for over 30 years. He is the guy who gets stuff done. Another person with the same attitude is John Hamilton. “No problem, we will get it done”. I could acknowledge countless employees who have supported me, John Leonard Wordsworth, and Sure Flow for over 30 years. We are sailors who want to win the race and who always win the race of highest quality and customer satisfaction. Our Quality Control Manager, David Crespo, does not miss a beat on quality. Whether it’s fabrication or simple products his attention to detail is impeccable.

Danny has two beautiful daughters, Brandi and Taylor. I have watched them grow up to be beautiful young ladies. Danny and I have a strong bond, like son and father. Outside work we spend many weekends gardening, cutting wood and just hanging out.

Danny met my daughter, Jessica, when she was six months old. Today they are still good buds. Jessica will be 27 in January.

He’s the longest employee of Sure Flow Equipment and a great friend! Some people say you should not mix friendship with employees. “I DO”.

Here is a picture of Danny and myself at Craigleith Ski Club a few years ago on a ski day.

John Wordsworth and Danny Miles skiing at Craigleith