Many of us have been in the situation where terminology poses a challenge, where ‘what we’ve got here is failure to communicate.”

We’ve all been in the hardware store on a repair project, and the salesperson just doesn’t understand that the “thing-a-ma-jig” we need is not the “what-cha-ma-call it” they’re showing us.

Sure Flow has found this challenge with the terms “Duplex Strainers” and “Dual Basket Strainers”.

Many of our customers use them interchangeably, which is fine. There is no overarching naming authority that has declared which is appropriate.

Since customers interact with our sales and engineering team, we’re providing an overview of how we use the terms, just in case we can help avoid confusion in the future.

We generally refer to a ‘duplex strainer’ as a single cast unit, like our D150F.

Here’s a sample of what we’d refer to as a ‘duplex strainer.’

duplex strainer with pressure differential guage

Any time Sure Flow is welding or fabricating, or bolting pieces together, we refer to it as a “dual basket strainer.”

This may be partially because our fabricated dual basket strainers consist of two simplex strainers, so since the final product incorporates two of the simplex strainers, it becomes a ‘duplex strainer.’

Here’s what we would generally refer to as a “dual basket strainer.”

Increased holding capacity fabricated dual basket strainer DB150

It really is just semantics, but we felt we should put this out there, just to try and reduce the possibility of confusion.

Regardless of how you refer to them, we’re happy to provide pricing or any other information you may require for these products.