Our economic model allows us to make choices, such as “do I want an inexpensive product, or one that will last longer?” Engineers building production processes wrestle with the same challenge. Often, when looking at the long-term cost of keeping a line working, factoring in replacement and maintenance, focusing on quality components simply makes more sense.

With this in mind, we are seeing many of the products we’re being asked to engineer created using exotic materials, such as titanium.

Titanium is extremely corrosion resistant and has an excellent strength-to-density ratio. If you were “Ironman” and lived near the salt water of the ocean and wanted a metal flying suit, you’d appreciate these characteristics, especially this lightweight strength. And while Sure Flow has yet to design anything for this individual, many of our customers in the aerospace, military, petrochemical, pulp and paper and power generation (especially with salt water involvement) make use of titanium. We deal with industrial “Superheroes,” building production processes to last!

The exceptional characteristics of titanium, like many specialized alloys, comes with a cost. Titanium is extremely susceptible to contamination in the welding process, so it is critical that it be accomplished in a clean environment.

Many other exotic materials we work with, including hastelloy, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, require the removal of outside contaminants during the welding process as well.

Sure Flow has responded to these requirements with our Clean Room for Welding.

Our 16’ x 18’ clean welding room is self-contained, closed and includes controlled flow through ventilation which creates a positive inside air pressure. This is designed to eliminate contamination of the raw materials, consumables and welds during the welding process.

It includes sprinklers, lockable sealed doors and decontaminated tools and accessories.

The fully equipped room will include a welding positioner with an integrated, fully adjustable headstock incorporating isolation blocks and pads to prevent material contamination. Also included is a portable fume extractor, painted floor and a welding consumables quarantine area.

Our clean room is just another example of the lengths Sure Flow is prepared to go to satisfy our customer’s requirements for innovative solutions to their industrial strainer and valve requirements. Our engineering and production team continue to check off their “lists” of additions required to meet our customers’ expanding needs.

Our certification page shows the level of quality we’re committed to.


Now our clean welding room continues to expand our capabilities so when customers call and ask if we can provide a solution, we can say “Yes.”

Sure Flow welding clean room

Our self-contained Clean Room

preparing to weld in Sure Flow's clean welding room

Inside the clean room

welding in Sure Flows clean welding room

We hoped for a more brilliant welding image here, but we weren’t able to enter the room once the welding began, and it just happened our welder positioned himself in front of his TIG work. Quality always comes first!