To All My Friends from Three Decades in Business

Sure Flow has some additional Top Gun Products we’ve applied “Fast Track Pricing” to, because we would rather sell it than count it!

My all-star team of employees and I have come up with some more adventurous pricing just for you.

This price list was tailored with your company in mind as we move into the future.

Quality has always been and continues to be my mandate. I will “NOT” compromise on quality – 100% quality, we stand behind it and always will.

Sure Flow manufactures to ASME SECTION VIII, DIV 1. The ASME “U” Code Stamp and ASME “UM” Code Stamp are also available.

We will be updating our website with special offerings frequently, so keep visiting.

Once again, thank you.

As always I’ve included a photo of my best friend ‘Acer’ who clearly is enthused about our “Fast Track Pricing.”

Call us today!

John Wordsworth
President / CEO Sure Flow Equipment Inc.