I think of a fire as “sometimes a friend” and
“sometimes a foe”. This week I ventured to California to visit
various clients as we supply automatic strainers, engineered
strainers and specialty check valves to zoos, aquariums, various
animal habitats and, of course, to industrial facilities. We spend
some of our leisure time enhancing romance, memory and celebrations
with fire: the open fire pit roasting marshmallows, the fireplace
during times of celebration and the candlelight dinner with someone
special. Fire that we have under our control. This week hundreds of
thousands of people were in a position of having no control because
the forest fires were in control. Fire was not our friend. Words
cannot adequately express our sympathy and concern to the families,
firefighters, volunteers, supporters and all others affected; along
with our admiration for the courage they displayed this week. They
will need their strength and added courage in the months ahead.
True fact: With everything I saw and read, not one person, family
or businessman gave up and said they quit – instead I heard “We’ll
rebuild – for this is our home. We are here to stay.” Truly
outstanding! We will make fire a friend again. Well, I’m off to the
Chem Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City
next week. Please visit Sure Flow at Booth #1402 to see our new
“Duplex Strainer”, exotic Wafer Check Valves and make sure to check
out our free stress footballs and Sure Flow mouse