In keeping with Sure Flow’s commitment to provide a
safe work environment for all employees, the work of the Health and
Safety Committee is strongly endorsed and is further complemented
by encouraging all employees to participate in St. John Ambulance
First Aid Training Courses. Sure Flow has also taken the proactive
measure of supplementing our First Aid equipment with an AED unit
(Automated External Defibrillation) to enhance the safety and
health of our employees with this life-saving machine. On August
22, 2007 a group of 14 employees successfully completed their
four-evening format training sessions and as you can see in the
attached photo, they are very proud of their newly awarded
certificates in: Standard First Aid w CPR Level C – 2006 Protocols
and AED w CPR C – 2006 Protocols Congratulations on your
achievements! The next training course is scheduled in the Fall.
Sure Flow – always supporting continuous improvement!