There is one thing certain in our lives: we will
outlive our pets! Since my daughter was born we have had a variety
of pets. Our hamster, “Lucky”: We called him that because he was
old, on sale and the pet store wanted to find him a home. Well, he
became a part of my family and lived to be over three years old. He
now rests in our backyard. The $19.00 spent gave us years of family
life enjoyment. His little cross in the backyard states: “The Best
Hamster Ever”. My biggest friend was “Spencer”: He was a 100 lb.
Golden Retriever who was born long before my daughter, Jessica. He
was with us for 15 years and protected Jessica from her newborn
days until his last days. I made the toughest decision of my life
to be kind and send him to his other life. He will remain with me
forever. “The big guy!” Gunner: Our 80 lb. Black Labrador comes to
my office with me on the weekends. He looks at me and sighs at me
just like “Spencer” did. He sighs when he sleeps at the bottom of
my chair! “Pets”: They’re a part of me, my family and my employees
at Sure Flow!