And … here we grow again!!! Introducing FRP
Strainers – Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Strainers! In the spirit
of continual improvement, consistent with our commitment to ISO
9001:2008, we are launching another exciting new product line. An
alternate to primary metal strainers! FRP Strainers can out-perform
standard rubber lined carbon steel and alloy piping in fine
particle slurries, limestone, gypsum, etc. Sure Flow Fiberglass
Reinforced Plastic Strainers are an ideal, cost effective choice
for highly corrosive applications such as seawater and industrial
and chemical resistant applications. FRP Y Strainers, FRP Basket
Strainers and FRP Duplex Strainers are the optimum selection for
critical applications requiring maximum resistance to corrosions,
pressure and temperature. Click here to check out our complete FRP
Strainers (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Catalogue. As always,
Sure Flow is your only – repeat, ONLY – complete source for
Industrial Strainers, Filters, Valves and Custom Engineered,
Fabricated Strainers and Valves. Check us out at: and be sure to Contact us when you
require Industrial Pipeline Filters, Valves and