My previous blog: Strainers for Alberta Canada,
featured the fit-up stage of a 12-inch 1500lb Fabricated Y-Strainer
c/w hinged cap. Shown now at the welding stage of the fabrication
process, this custom FWT Y-Strainer is nearing completion.
Following rigorous testing procedures, inspections and painting,
this wye strainer will be on its way to a renowned Western Canadian
oil and natural gas producer located in Alberta. It will be shipped
along with other FWT Y Strainers we are fabricating for the
project. We invite you to tour our Sure Flow Product Photo Gallery
to see an interesting variety of custom fabricated strainer
projects we have manufactured. View our Sure Flow Product Videos to
learn about our technical scope and extensive line of custom
engineered, fabricated strainers, filters, valves and pipeline
accessories. See more at Custom Engineered Strainers. You may have
noticed how often I proudly speak of our family-like atmosphere at
Sure Flow Equipment. As you can see, results of this enjoyable work
environment are evident. The “whistle while you work” concept is
alive and well. Our employees are committed to achieving successful
outcomes and ensuring customer satisfaction. Place your fabrication
project orders at Sure Flow with confidence! Be assured of high
quality results each and every time. Click here to see our Quality
Certifications. Please contact us for all your strainer and
filtration requirements and check us out at: