The CoVID pandemic has many of us spending more time at home, often spending some of that time learning great things we didn’t have time for previously.

One of Sure Flow Equipment’s latest orders was for strainers to be used to strain debris prior to the pump staging area. This is before the water reaches ‘gland water pumps’.

To begin to understand these systems, it’s good to think about a boat with an inboard motor which drives an external propeller. The motor’s shaft passes through a “stuffing box” which allows the shaft to spin but prevents water from coming back into the boat.

A gland is a type of stuffing box which will include a packing or gland nut which will create the seal. Clean water is pumped into the stuffing box which protects the shaft from any abrasive materials it would otherwise be exposed to. So the goal is to keep the water or external liquid out, and protect the shaft. – :~:text=Clean, pressurized gland water is,from the abraisive process slurry.&text=it allows for a small,it rotates at high speeds.

That’s where Sure Flow’s expertise comes in.

We custom fabricated a number of strainers to make sure no debris makes it into the pump staging area and causes any damage.

gland water pump strainer simplex strainer from Sure Flow

Sure Flow custom fabricated a number of 3” class 300 raised face inlet and outlet units. These had an oversized 10” body for an increased basket size. This increases the dirt/debris loading capacity of the unit which extends the time between cleanings for the customer.

The inlet and outlets are long weld neck flanges (LWNF) which allows for increased nozzle loadings.

The units included an ASME U Stamp as well as an Alberta CRN.

Sure Flow also provided 100% radiograph of all the buttwelds.

The legs allow the units to be positioned inline and included grounding lugs on the lower part of each leg.

The units have both a flanged vent and drain assembly. The drain assembly included an elbow and piping so that the connection clears the bottom of the strainer body.

Inside the unit, the baskets have a cone bottom for backwash and flushing. This allows the customer to clean the basket without having to remove them. When they do want to remove the baskets, the covers have davits to aid in the removal.

The units included UT baseline thickness testing as well.

While the units are relatively small compared to some of the larger fabricated products you see featured on our website, they include many of the options and testing that are available on all our units, regardless of their size and application.

They represent another example of quality products Sure Flow custom fabricates for a broad range of customer’s requirements in their industrial processes. If you’ve got a unique filtration and straining application and are looking for a solution, our engineering department is always ready and waiting to help.

4 gland water pump strainers from Sure Flow