Fostering our total commitment to continuously improve
our Company’s quality control systems, we recently installed a new
packaging material system in our Shipping Department. This gives us
more assurance that our high quality industrial valves and
strainers will arrive at your destination intact. The custom
multi-ply paper pads created by running rolls of kraft paper
through this special converter machine provide cushioning, wrap,
voidfill and block & brace protection. The paper cushions
generated are designed to protect package contents, prevent
products from shifting inside the carton and safeguard them from
shock and vibration during shipment. As an added benefit, this cost
effective, versatile system uses natural kraft paper which is 100%
biodegradable, renewable and recyclable, making it an
environmentally friendly packaging material. This new packaging
technology supplements our established shipping techniques. Moving
forward, we are always looking for a “new mousetrap”. We strive to
be your single source for Industrial Valves, Filters and Strainers
by exceeding your expectations in Competitiveness, Quality and
Service. Please check us out at: