One of the things that people seem to like about the Sure Flow website, is our periodic blogs about owner John Wordsworth’s dog. Acer is a young, golden retriever, and an integral part of the Sure Flow experience.

We all work very hard to be the industry leader in custom fabricated industrial valves and strainers. Part of that hard work can involve tight deadlines and challenges that come in many forms. Don’t get us wrong, we’re up to the challenge, but sometimes anyone working in business can experience stress.

There is just something about a dog walking up to you and dropping a tennis ball at your feet, and looking at you with those big eyes, which basically say “Come on… toss it over there… I’ll run after it… and bring it right back to you! Honest.. just throw it!” that seems to be a perfect antidote to whatever challenge you’re facing. And when you return to that task, often the solution has suddenly presented itself, just because you focused on something else for a minute.

We like to let on that on Acer’s regular patrol of our 100,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing and warehouse facility, he ensures we’re all complying with our ISO Standards and CTPAT requirements. He is always accompanied on his rounds, but we thought, are we alone in having a mascot dog in our facility?


Then we were watching the SuperBowl and we suddenly realized, we’re not the only ones!

If we may be so bold as to provide some exposure to a fellow North American manufacturer, this was the great ad from WeatherTech.

As if it wasn’t great enough to see another golden retriever making the rounds of a factory, they’re even making pet food dishes in America! What a great combination!

Sure Flow Equipment is very proud of the industrial valves and strainers that we manufacture, right here in North America, so we give a great shout out to WeatherTech that shares our passion.

The fact that Acer has fellow canine ambassadors that make the round of a manufacturing facility is just the icing on the cake. We’d better go check our pickup trucks to see if they’ve got WeatherTech liners!

“Come Acer, we’re goin’ for a walk!”