Sometimes it must be like Christmas morning when a Sure Flow Equipment strainer arrives! Not that we’re prone to hyperbole or anything, but we believe this proves that good things DO come in big packages.

Case in point was one of our custom fabricated dual basket strainers shipped in special packaging.

It was a DB150, 14-inch Type 3 dual basket strainer with davits.

Constructed from Class 150 carbon steel, it included a raised face flanged inlet and outlet.

The strainers included bolted covers with davits to aid moving the blind flange for basket removal.

Like many of the fabricated units featured here, it used our compact design with offset inlet and outlet.

This unit included 4 wafer style butterfly valves with gears for isolation. These are hard to see, but are located on the back side of the unit in this photograph.

We also provided legs to support the complete unit.

Our first photograph has the unit close cropped to make it easier to see the features. Then we included the original which shows it as it was prepared for shipping. The unit included special crating for an overseas destination.

Many of the units you’ve seen featured here are loaded on the back of flatbed trucks, strapped, tarped and shipped to locations throughout North America. Over time Sure Flow Equipment’s reputation for exceptional custom fabricated equipment and our commitment to quality has grown, so more of our shipping is done to overseas locations.

We are thrilled to be able to help customers across the world, and are grateful for the continued confidence so many have in our quest for exceptional products and above all, customer satisfaction.

DB150 14 Inch Type 3 Dual Basket Strainer with Davits

DB140 14 inch Type 3 Dual Basket Strainer with Davits in crate for shipping