Well 2015 is over shortly. I once again thank all our
valued customers for your support. What I really enjoy is growing
our business. You send us a challenge and we work together to
develop a solution. Here you can see a shining example of our
ingenuity. A welcome holiday gift, this beautiful Amaryllis arrived
as a bulb and quickly reached its towering height. The dilemma was
finding a way to prop up the heavy bloom laden stem. Our versatile
Fabrication Shop stepped up to the plate and fabricated this custom
welded cage! I am very proud of all my staff. What I always say is
that if we work together we will survive. There is always a
solution. As I have stated many times, my late father said, “Be
safe”. Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. My big
buddy, Milo is not well. He lost a nail and has a cold. We will
survive! Look forward to working with you in 2016 for your
industrial pipeline strainers, filters, valves and custom
fabricated requirements. Please contact us for all your strainer
and filtration solutions.