Well here is my daughter, Jessica Wordsworth, busy
constructing the largest stainless steel horse ever! It will be
displayed at my farm in Northern Ontario. Assisting Jessica with
this project is John Hamilton who has been with Sure Flow for
almost thirty years. We have fun at Sure Flow. We bring balance to
our busy workdays by carving out time for fun. Creative Custom
Fabrication is alive and well at Sure Flow. See more at: Strainer
Man & Strainer Dog Rule Again! and Mascots Stole the Show
Again! Be assured we’re serious about Custom Engineered Design and
driving high quality. Check out our full product line and technical
scope at www.sureflowequipment.com and be sure to contact us with
your requirements. Now as the upcoming celebratory weekend
approaches, we extend our best wishes for a great Thanksgiving to
all in Canada. Strength and Honour to all in the United States of
America as you observe Columbus Day.