Looks like a “Witch’s Hat” but too big to wear for
Hallowe’en! Custom Fabricated by Sure Flow. Temporary Cone Strainer
Model 4200/CS900; 42-inch; 900 lb.; Stainless Steel with
reinforcement rings; 1/8″ SS Perf and 40 Mesh Outside Lining to
handle reverse flow; size: 6’3″ H x 42″ W. This giant Cone Strainer
was designed for a high pressure natural gas service application at
an energy transmission facility in Western Canada. Sure Flow
4200/PS900SS 900 lb. Stainless Steel 42″ Paddle Spacers were
supplied to complete the customer’s requirements. Sure Flow offers
a wide assortment of screen types and strainer types to meet all
your filtration or screening needs: * Cone/Conical Strainers — or
sometimes called “Witches’ Hats”, Temporary Strainers, Start-up
Strainers, Basket Strainers, Plate Strainers, Reverse/Straight Flow
Strainers, Media Retention Nozzles, Resin Traps, Submerged Intake
Screens, Foot Valves Screens, Wedge Wire Screens, Multiple Layer
Screens and many more styles. * Screen openings from 5 micron to
1/2″ perf. * Materials – you name it – Carbon, Stainless, Alloy 20,
Monel, Titanium, Super Duplex and many more styles . Just send us a
drawing and we will produce a design and fabricate to your
requirements. See more details at: Custom Strainer Screens and
Custom Engineered Design. For a full overview of our industrial
valves and strainers, technical scope and quality certifications
check us out at: www.sureflowequipment.com and contact us for your
next custom engineered project.