Sure Flow Equipment Hurricane Relief Efforts

Like many of our website readers Sure Flow Equipment has watched the devastation of recent hurricanes with great concern.

Hurricane Fiona in September 2022 hit very close to home with the devastation in Eastern Canada. One of our former employees moved to Port aux Basques in Newfoundland to be closer to family, and a family member’s home was destroyed by the storm surge.

In rapid succession Hurricane Ian has left a path of destruction across Florida and like Fiona, we have had a number of long time Sure Flow associates and customers negatively impacted by the devastation.

Sure Flow Equipment immediately began a fundraising program to try and help with individuals negatively impacted by these storms.

We encourage any visitors to our website to also consider participating in these relief efforts.

You can donate to the Canadian Red Cross fund for victims of Hurricane Fiona at the link below. The Canadian government will match all donations to this fund;

The American Red Cross is also an excellent resource to get relief to those affected by Hurricane Ian;

Thank you.


Hurricane Katrina image


The image used above is from Wikipedia. It is a photo of Hurricane Katrina taken from space by NASA.